Configure SMTP/PHP Mail

How to Configure Contact Form with SMTP/PHP Mail This tutorial will show you How to Configure your Contact Form Setting to allow SMTP/PHP Mail to send Email from Contact Form. Select Contact Form Setting PHP Mail function uses your localhost to send Email from Contact Form while SMTP Mail function uses a Server to send Email from your Contact Form. You can configure the Contact Form Settings […]

Add Email Template

This guide helps when you are using more than one Contact Form in your Website. Contact Form 1) Insert Field-Name , this Field-Name you will use in contact-form-id Textarea box of contact settings page. Contact Settings Page 1) Go to SitePad Settings Menu in that click on Contact Form submenu. You can see the image shown below. 2) Now insert contact-form id which you inserted in contact […]

Ruby on Rails and Gems Ruby on Rails (RoR) is an open-source web application framework. It aims to increase the speed and ease with which database-driven web sites can be created. Ruby on Rails runs on Apache CGI. Available Version Version information: Ruby Version : 1.8.7 Gem Version : 1.8.30 Rails Version : 2.3.18 (you […]

I No Longer Have Access To My Registered Email Address. How Can I Request Changes?

We understand that from time to time people’s circumstances change and that details like email addresses, phone numbers and physical addresses change. Normally an email is required from the listed contact on an account to make requests for changes to web hosting services. However, if you no longer have access to the listed email address […]