A VPS denotes a virtual private server created with virtualization software. A physical server often houses this VPS. Despite this, the VPS remains independent of the physical server and of other VPSs housed by the same physical server.

SMBs prefer a VPS because it enables them to acquire a small, dedicated server at affordable rates. In addition, a VPS offers several features that shared hosting does not – including quality technical support.

What 10 Benefits Can an SMB Enjoy by Opting for VPS Hosting? By opting for a VPS, owners of SMBs can enjoy:

  1. Reduced Capital Expenses: In a shared environment, you’ll need to pay for each website and service you use. In contrast, a VPS can support many websites. It offers multiple domain hosting too. So, using five accounts in a VPS will cost you much lower than using five accounts on shared hosting.
  2. All the Infrastructure they Need on Demand: VPS hosting uses an advanced cloud computing technology. It features service delivery models and regular cloud data backups that give you all the software, hardware and infrastructure you need on demand on any device. So, you won’t need to install applications on each computer. And, you won’t need to spend hours on administration either.
  3. Significant Time Savings: The response time offered by VPS hosting can be about 10 times as fast as shared hosting solutions. The complete isolation of your virtual server from other accounts helps in accomplishing this.
  4. Reliable and Fully Managed Services: VPS hosting providers also offer managed VPS hosting, where they manage the server on your behalf. So, they will maintain and update the hardware, the operating system etc. themselves.
  5. Regular Cloud-Based Backups: Many VPS hosting providers offer backup solutions that enable you to configure automated and scheduled cloud data backups. Some solutions enable you to backup the entire server too.
  6. Easy Scalability: VPS hosting offers easy scalability to deal with traffic spikes. It can deliver resources on demand. And, you can rescale the plan as and when needed.
  7. Superlative Security Levels: In contemporary times, data and privacy protection remains of the utmost importance. Unlike shared hosting, VPS hosting comes with 24/7 technical support and assistance. Because only a few clients share a server, no unauthorized user can access your data.
  8. Ongoing Server Monitoring: Servers need security from all kinds of cyberattacks. Some VPS providers monitor their servers actively to deal with any threats. This minimizes threats such as hacking, malware and DDoS attacks.
  9. Multiple Domain Hosting: Some companies run multiple websites. On shared hosting accounts, this can stretch limited resources to breaking point. With a VPS, multiple domain hosting becomes infinitely easier.
  10. Root Access to the Server: With VPS hosting, you can get root access to the server. This enables you to gain complete access to your VPS account. So, you’ll be able to exercise greater control over the configuration of your server and other applications.