In the modern world of today, new websites are launching quote often. These include retail shops, construction industry businesses looking to expand their
market, home-based businesses, as well as many other kinds of ventures that folks are getting into these days. The best marketing platform for businesses
of today is a website on the World Wide Web. To do so, they mostly use platforms such as WordPress.

This article is going to look into some of the features that WordPress website owners need to be aware of. Let us begin.

High Availability

In theory, an eCommerce website is online all the time. No matter what time or from what time zone a customer visits, business can be carried out.
In practice, the situation is much different. Some hosting providers cannot keep your online store up and running every minute, which can have quiet an impact
on your business, in terms of reputation and sales both. In hosting jargon, this is a specific term that means that your hosting provider
guarantees to keep your website up and running 99.99% or more of the time. Just like everything else in life, hosting providers need to perform regular server
maintenance which is essential for maintenance. During this maintenance, your website is offline for a minute a week if you have 99.99% uptime. Any less, and
your website is bound to have more downtime comparatively. This can adversely impact your business, and no one wants that.

High-performance WordPress Hosting

Another essential feature to consider when managing an eCommerce website is to make sure that your hosting provider gives you high-performance. This refers to your
hosting provider’s hardware performance. The better speed your hosting gives you, the better will be your rank on Google.
If your website loads slowly, it will not show up in the top websites on Google. This will keep potential customers unaware of your fabulous business.
A software that is designed especially to optimize WordPress and offers extremely speedy loading is what you need.

Tight Security

Online business has become easy in the modern world, but with it comes many challenges in the form of more competitors and security issues. Hacking is no big deal for
the criminals of World Wide Web, and you need to keep your business safe from them. Majority of business go out of the market as a result of cyber-crimes. You need a robust
security for your website if you want business to run well.

Look for these services when choosing a hosting provider:

Advanced Anti Hacking Technology

An excellent web host will make sure to protect your website with a firewall for 24/7 protection. This firewall will protect your business against threats such
as malware infection and hacking attacks. However, make sure that the firewall is specifically designed for WordPress.

Automatic Updates

Cyber hackers are specialized criminals who are always on the lookout for websites with outdates or weak software. Once they identify their target, attacking is
very easy. Therefore, it is imperative that you equip your website with the latest software. A reliable web host will make sure to automatically update your website.

Remote Back-ups

Accidents happen all the time, in the real world and the cyber world. The important thing is to recover quickly from that accident.

In case you lose your data or have it stolen by a cyber criminal, the best way to get your business back in business is to have all your data backed up in a
secure location. The sooner you can put all your data back online, the sooner you will recover. That is why, look for a web host that can back up your data
for you, and even restore it on your website in case of an accident.

Developer Features

There is always room for improvement. As your business grows, you will want to make modifications to your website. Choose a web host that offers a
developer-friendly control panel. This will include features such as phpMyAdmin, and Git version control, among others.

24/7 Technical Support

Just like your customer might need your services even after a purchase, you might require the expertise and technical support of your web host. If you are an IT
expert, or familiar with it, you might be able to fix most of the bugs that come your way. But, if that is not the case, then fixing bugs can be quite a challenging task. In some cases, you might not have the time to make such fixes. For just such cases, you need a web host that offers technical support anytime and everytime.

Technical support is different from customer service in the sense that in the latter you might have to wait for hours or days to get your problem solved. With technical support, you get support right when you need it.


Just like other structures, your eCommerce website depends on its foundation. The stronger it is, the better for your business. Make sure to invest in a good host to reap benefits in the long term. Check our web hosting plans at HostingInIndia