A Comprehensive Guide to Making Money With Reseller Hosting

A Comprehensive Guide to Making Money With Reseller Hosting

Do you offer services to help people with their websites? Maybe you’re a developer or a web designer? If so, it is now possible to start a reseller hosting business and provide web hosting to the catalogue of services offered to your clients.

As a hosting reseller, you can offer your clients the accommodation services they need, and, in return, you will benefit from the regular monthly income of each client for whom you offer accommodation.

But WHAT IS RESELLER HOSTING, what are the BENEFITS OF RESELLER HOSTING and how to ensure that you PROVIDE GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE to your clients? Keep reading this article to reveal all the answers!


The reseller hosting is a web hosting through which a hosting plan within a server allows an account to resell accommodation within the same scheme, offering the possibility of creating subdomains and adding external domains creating sub plans or hosting plans within the resale hosting account. This type of services can be very convenient for creatives, developers, and web designers,



Most reseller accounts are available at low cost because the space of a server is subdivided into small plans, so you only need to pay for what you will use, and this is essential for small companies, as they do not require bandwidth and disk space as big as those offered in other types of costly hostings.


The management of a hosting account can be complicated for those who do not have much knowledge about it. However, this type of accommodation is easy to carry, so you do not require to have a high level of the technological notion to start being a reseller. The reseller hosting offers many tools that are simple to use, so they simplify and reduce the execution time of it.


The reseller is only responsible for searching for clients, and the owner is dedicated to executing the administrative tasks of the server. That is, the owner is in charge of providing total support for the account of each client, so you should not worry about hiring a personal support staff since the host will always be liable for solving all the existing technical problems.


With reseller plans, you can assign different spaces for all sites without having to buy additional hosting programs. If you have many clients, and you are running out of resources to use, you should only update the hosting program according to your needs, and you can have more space and performance without losing the quality and effectiveness of it.


People do not have to know with what company you workfor. You can create your brand and try to sell it as much as possible.

You are the one who creates your hosting packages. You have X hard disk space, X of RAM and a particular processor. So, you decide which hosting packages you will sell to your clients.


Being a reseller hosting agent, you have more profit margin. By having your own business, you can determine the price at which you want to sell, not necessarily that of your supplier.

How to Provide Great Customer Service?

Providing reseller hosting service for any reseller host is easy. Your provider handles most of the technical problems, and once you have set up your plans and set up your clients’ accounts, most other things are automated.

However, your customers will often face issues, and with your response to these issues you can break or make your business. So, you should consider the factors below to ensure excellent customer service to your clients.


Potential customers will expect a quick response when they ask about a package, and existing clients will expect an equally quick solution to any problem. Therefore, you better make it sure that you got the capacity to deal with these issues.


You should consider other factors of customer satisfaction too, such as security. Both you and your customers must have confidence that you got the requisite level of protection, and this means taking appropriate and effective precautions with your servers like forcing subscribers to create strong passwords and making sure your host provides the necessary security service, such as daily backups and intrusion monitoring.


As a reseller hosting, reliability is also essential to your success. None of your customers will want your website to disconnect, because it gives a negative impression of your business and may even lose money. Nor will your reputation do much good. For this reason, you must ensure that you have implemented measures to minimize such unexpected problems.


When you decide to join in resellers hosting, not only is it a significant way to polish your marketing skills, but it is also an effective way to generate a healthy revenue.

Now that you know what reseller hosting is, the BENEFITS OF RESELLER HOSTING, and how to PROVIDE GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE, then take the next step and get started with your reseller hosting business.

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