What is meant by VPS Hosting and 10 Benefits of Virtual Private Server

What is meant by VPS Hosting and 10 Benefits of Virtual Private Server

Before getting into the detailed description of the VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting, we need to come up with the central concept of the VPS (Virtual Private Server).

Before getting into the detailed description of the VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting, we need to come up with the central concept of the VPS (Virtual Private Server).

It is one of the internet based services offered by the web hosting companies. Some of the companies also name it the “VDS” that stands for the Virtual Dedicated Server. Whatever the name suggests, the primary functions of a VPS (Virtual Private Server) remain the same.

There are countless numbers of the web hosts that are offering the VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting services. The VPS (Virtual Private Server) is one of the new and top notch terms used in the internet industry. A Virtual Private Server is a separate machine that is dedicated to the utilization of a sole customer.

The user enjoys all the privileges to his machine. When a VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting is purchased by a client, the web hosting company allocates one of its physical server machines to the customer, and the customer has full access to the device virtually. Most of the VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting services may be consulted with the help of some software. The main thing with this is the practical functionality.

This function lets the user control the server machine by using his or her physical computer, but for all the purposes, a VPS (Virtual Private Server) is considered to be a separate computer. The VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting delivers the options to configure the server as per the individual requirements, and you can run any software that needs it to be the server machine. With a lot of features, a VPS (Virtual Private Server) can be given a reboot anytime by accessing virtually via some software.

Moreover, the operating system for a VPS is also different from your physical computer’s operating system. These features make a VPS hosting totally separate service from other web hosting services. There are two types of the VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting services being offered by the internet hosting companies. These services go a long way in meeting the individual demands of the users, and they can avail the services as per their requirements.

The first type of the VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting is called the unmanaged hosting in which a customer has the responsibility to be charged with the monitoring and administration tasks of his or her VPS (Virtual Private Server). The web hosting company is just responsible for providing the access. In the other type of hosting, called the unmetered VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting, a user has the unlimited amount of data to be transferred, and there are no limits in this regard. The bandwidth provided to the customer is mostly fixed.

As compared to a dedicated server, a VPS (Virtual Private Server) is less expensive and suitable for the small businesses. A user of the VPS hosting would be able to enjoy all the independence with his websites and data management. In a very short span of time of the virtualization, the web hosting services like the VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting have captured a huge internet market.

A VPS denotes a virtual private server created with virtualization software. A physical server often houses this VPS. Despite this, the VPS remains independent of the physical server and of other VPSs housed by the same physical server.

SMBs prefer a VPS because it enables them to acquire a small, dedicated server at affordable rates. In addition, a VPS offers several features that shared hosting does not – including quality technical support.

VPS Hosting is so far the best hosting solution for small and medium sized businesses. It offers affordability, flexibility and dedication that such businesses need to compete in their respective industries. But first things first, what is VPS? It is a virtualized private server that works just like a dedicated server but within a shared environment.

A VPS hosting provides both shared and dedicated hosting services. Every business with an online presence today requires hosting services. Even though a dedicated server is always what most of them prefer, the cost is usually higher than they can afford especially for small and medium sized businesses.
VPS offers certain benefits of dedicate hosting and at the same time keeping the cost as affordable as possible.

Here are 10 benefits SMBs can get from VPS hosting:

  1. Since VPS is independent from other virtual servers, it doesn’t share its resources. For this reason, it is able to provide improved reliability to websites it hosts.
  2. SMBs are assured of better performance thanks to all the resources dedicated just to their businesses.
  3. VPS hosting is affordable for most SMBs. If the cost is an issue to you, you can be sure to pay less for dedicated hosting.
  4. SMBs enjoy dedicated resources from their hosting company since it works just like a dedicated server
  5. Data backup on cloud is a guarantee to ensure minimal losses in case of disasters. Most VIP hosting providers allow for automated configuration to keep every data safe.
  6. VPS provides software freedom to allow businesses choose their preferred operating system.
  7. VPS hosting gives businesses root access to their servers and full access to their accounts. This way, business people have full control of how their servers will be configured.
  8. With comprehensive round the clock technical support, you can be assured of minimal issues on your server. In case of a problem, there will be someone on standby to fix it.
  9. VPS hosting companies offer full server management services to guarantee high performance of the business’ servers they host.
  10. VPS providing companies continuously monitor the servers they host for any insecurity threat and cyber-attacks. This keeps your business’ server safe from hacking and malware attacks.

In place of shared hosting, which comes with tons of disadvantages, VPS hosting provides a better and more affordable alternative. It is therefore time for SMBs to upgrade from the hosting they have been using to a new and more beneficial hosting solution.

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