What to Look for in a Shared Hosting Package

What to Look for in a Shared Hosting Package

Shared hosting is that the most cheap thanks to get your web site on-line. However, while it’s cheaper than VPS, dedicated server and cloud hosting, that doesn’t mean you ought to settle for discount basement resources and options. sadly, many folks don’t totally perceive what to seem for once selecting a shared hosting package and may find yourself with terribly poor service. To help, we’ve argue this simple guide to assist you out.

1. Hosting operative System: UNIX system or Windows

Many people usually assume that as a result of they use Windows as AN software package for his or her home computers, that this is often what they ought to use on for his or her websites. In reality, the overwhelming majority of internet sites area unit run on UNIX system servers. If you’re aiming to use software system like WordPress, Magenta, Joomla, etc, to create your website, UNIX system is that the choice you ought to very select.

Check the software system program you propose to use before selecting UNIX system or Windows. You won’t very have a choice; in most cases, the software system can dictate the software package you would like.

2. what number websites does one shall have?

While the general public solely need to run one web site, some individuals, like on-line marketers, need to run many. If this is often the case, bear in mind that some shared hosting packages set AN higher limit on the quantity of internet sites you’ll be able to host. {this is|this is usually|this can be} often done through limiting the quantity of infos you’ll be able to started (you’ll want a separate database for every website). At HostingInIndia for instance, our Basic set up enables you to produce ten websites, however, for many pounds additional a month, our Advanced set up enables you to have unlimited sites.

3. what proportion space for storing does one need?

You’ll conjointly have to be compelled to have a plan of what proportion area you’ll have to be compelled to store all of your website’s software system, files and pictures. Most websites don’t really need that abundant area. Compared to software system run on your laptop, the programs required for running websites area unit quite little and therefore the size of the net pages area unit typically terribly little too. usually the largest files you’ll want area unit pictures and videos.

If you would like to run multiple websites or eCommerce sites with thousands of pictures, then you would possibly want additional space for storing.

For small websites, 2GB of storage are going to be quite ample for your wants. However, packages providing up to 20GB area unit on the market, and these will simply cater for several websites and large quantities of knowledge.

Do bear in mind of firms that place restrictions on the quantity of files you’ll be able to store. this could be a hidden manner of limiting the area you utilize.

4. continuously select unmetered information measure

Bandwidth is that the term wont to describe the quantity of knowledge that your web site sends and receives. If you’re given a monthly information measure quota, bear in mind that each time somebody visits a page of your web site a number of your information measure are going to be exhausted. this is often conjointly true if somebody clicks on a picture to look at it fully size, streams a video hold on on your website, fills in an exceedingly kind or carries out the other operation.

Although every of those actions can solely expend atiny low quantity of information measure (except video streaming), if you have got plenty of tourists, those little amounts presently add up. This means, if you reach your information measure limit in any explicit request amount, your web site can go offline till future request amount commences.

To avoid this, select a hosting package that provides unmetered information measure. this implies you’ll be able to have as several guests as you prefer while not having to fret. At HostingInIndia, all our shared packages provide unmetered information measure.

5. select nice performance

Whilst there area unit several factors that may verify the speed of your web site (the range of plugins you utilize, the scale of every page, etc.) one among the crucial factors is that the style of net server your web site is hosted on. check that your host uses the most recent hardware {that can|which will|that may} offer you all the computing resources your website will have to be compelled to run its processes. this may facilitate your website load quickly on your visitors’ computers and mobile devices.

A one second delay in loading will force customers to depart and cut back sales by seven-membered. So, it’s vital that you just look rigorously at what technology your host uses. At HostingInIndia, all our shared hosting is run on the most recent, superior hollow PowerEdge hardware – and that we upgrade frequently.

6. seek for a easy admin panel

Administering your web site ought to be a straightforward and intuitive method and this is often best done by having a sway panel that incorporates a easy interface. once this happens, things like putting in a brand new web site, change software system, adding extensions and taking care of your account, area unit straightforward and simple to try and do.

The most easy board for shared hosting is cPanel that is employed by several net hosts. However, you ought to conjointly check that that your net host is totally trained in victimisation cPanel so it will manage any problems which can arise. At HostingInIndia, not solely area unit we tend to an authorized cPanel supplier, we tend to are the world’s leading company once it involves cPanel experience. we tend to high the cPanel University leaderboard for {the range|the amount|the quantity} of exams taken and therefore the number passed.

7. safety features

The last item you would like is your web site to induce hacked or infected. once searching for a shared hosting supplier, you ought to select one that offers you a spread of safety features that may keep your website protected. you would like a bunch that may offer intrusion detection, firewalls, SSL certificates (for encrypting your customers’ payment information), email scanning, spam filtering and, just in case the worst happens, remote backups therefore your website are often quickly remodeled.

8. a bunch that stays on-line

Once your web site is up and running, you don’t need a net host that keeps material possession it go offline. It offers your website a foul name, loses guests and may even price you in lost sales. For that reason, seek for an internet host {that can|which can|that may} guarantee your website will continuously be on the market. For shared hosting, you ought to check that that a bunch offers period of time of ninety nine.9% or more.

9. extra options

In addition to the options mentioned higher than, a decent net host can offer you with the subsequent services on your shared hosting account: unlimited email accounts, victimisation your websites name (e.g. me@mywebsite.com); 24/7 technical support via phone, email and live chat, so you get knowledgeable facilitate whenever you need it in an exceedingly manner that’s convenient for you; and a ‘no minimum’ contract length, so you’re not tied in must you conceive to leave.


A website will stand or fall reckoning on the standard of the hosting you select, therefore it’s vital to decide on sagely and contemplate the advantages and options of every package. Hopefully, this text can have shown you the key options you ought to seek for once selecting shared hosting.

If you’re searching for shared hosting that has all the options counseled during this post, take a glance at our vary of shared cPanel packages.

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